Doha is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we hear of Qatar. After
all, it is by far the largest and the capital city of the state of Qatar. Doha, which literally
means “big trees”, is on the Persian Gulf that rises above as one of the most modern and
most advance city in the world. At the same time, Doha can take pride of its numerous
world-class tourist attractions and accommodations that can rival any beautiful places
around the globe.

On top of these, Doha is also known for its famous events and exhibitions that are
held annually which further strengthen the tourism industry of the country. Doha is a
vibrant and upbeat place where countless events are staged. Some are to promote the
state’s cultural heritage, while the others encourage the spirit of sports.

The events and exhibitions in Doha that manage to attract maximum number of
people both local and foreign guests are the Doha Cultural Festival and the Qatar open
tennis competition.

The much awaited Doha Cultural Festival is held in March and is the largest
event, attracting hundreds of visitors every year. The event celebrates the soul of the
metropolis’ posterity and portrays the cultural aspect of the region. The festival
showcases a variety of program that includes artworks, handicrafts, music, dance, theatre
and poetry to highlight the rich culture and heritage of the Qatari people. Tourists also
are given the chance to explore fashion houses and art galleries while witnessing several
plays about various folklores both of local and abroad. Furthermore, the event is a means
to recognize and award those people who excelled in the field of arts and culture.

The Qatar Open is the most popular tennis competition in the region which played
a vital role in promoting the game of tennis among the locals. The first ATP Open was
only limited for men and it was played in the month of January 1993. As the years went
by, Qatar Open became so popular that many top ranked international players have
played here. Eventually, women were also invited to play in the most celebrated tennis
court of Qatar Open.

Among others, the Qatar Masters golf tournament and Doha International Trade
Fair are equally important international events in Doha, Qatar. These events lure the
attention of world audience and being participated by both local and global entities and
generate huge revenue for the country.

These are just some of the incredible teasers of what Doha, Qatar has to offer.
Consequently, a vacation in this place during one of these events would surely give you
the time of your life.

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