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Doha, the capital city of Qatar in the Middle East, is located on the Persian Gulf. With 80% of the Qatar’s
total population, the city of Doha is the country’s center of economic development. Its tourism started
on the year 1989, and continues to attract tourists from all around the world.

So, if you’re up for a different kind of adventure, visit the beautiful city of Doha whenever there’s a
chance to go on a vacation. This city will give you an experience of a lifetime.

The following are the famous places you can visit in Doha:

Doha’s Heritage Village

If you want to see how a traditional Qatari village looks like, you can visit Doha’s Heritage village. It
is located at the end of the Rumeila Park. Enjoy various festivities, taste the delicious food (including
various regional dishes from Qatar and Oman) and see how they weave their clothes (the Sadhew


The Al-Corniche is a long sea-side promenade that curves across the Doha bay. It’s a magnificent sight to
see with a beautiful view of the palm trees.

Souq Waqif

This is a famous Arabic market with shops selling various spices, souvenirs, and the country’s other
unique items which can definitely catch your eye. The place is also filled with restaurants offering
exquisite food—perfect for the hungry traveller.

Almaha Sanctuary

This is a sanctuary that houses a lot of endangered species. This was built in order to protect the animals
that are near to extinction. The Almaha Sanctuary is also a home to the dessert deer. The animals are
definitely a must-see.

Khor Al Udaid Beach

This is a beach located at the south eastern part of the country. Its distinct feature is the fine sand dunes
around the beach. In some parts of the beach, the sand dunes astonishingly reach the height of 40

Cultural District

This place is found at the west bay area of Doha. What can be found in this large cultural city? You’ll
see the most wonderful Roman-style auditoriums, museums, galleries, libraries, and other cultural

Desert Safari

If you’re in a Middle Eastern country you can’t help but think about different adventures in the desert.
The Desert Safari in Doha can satisfy your need for a desert adventure. You’ll be able to see sand dunes
as high as 60 meters. You can take the half day, whole day or overnight safari adventure (depending on
your budget).

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